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The Help Journal now has its own web-site! У "Журнала помощи" появился свой сайт!

Jun. 12th, 2010 | 11:04 am
posted by: anna_egorova in help_journal


This web-site was fully developed by volunteers and it gives you the opportunity to donate via credit card online.

Established in 2005, Help Journal is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other chronic and life-limiting illnesses who live in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Government financing of medicine in these countries is insufficient, and health insurance system is not yet fully developed. As a result, children often lack access to state-of-the-art treatment procedures and medications.

Our mission is to raise funds for medications, diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. We believe that all patients deserve access to the best possible care regardless of the financial situation of their family.

Help Journal is registered in the US as a non-profit 501(c) organization. It's run by volunteers and 100% of money raised goes to help our patients. All donations are tax deductible for the US tax payers.

Thank you for your support!



Некоммерческая организация «Журнал Помощи» с 2005 года помогает детям и молодым взрослым из стран бывшего Советского Союза (Россия, Украина, Беларусь и другие), больным раком, муковисцидозом и другими хроническими и тяжёлыми заболеваниями. Государственное финансирование медицины в этих странах недостаточно, а система медицинского страхования не достигла высокого уровня развития. В результате дети часто не получают доступ к современным методам лечения и медикаментам.

Наша задача – сбор денег на лекарства, диагностику и лечение для пациентов, которые не могут оплатить эти расходы самостоятельно. Мы уверены, что каждый больной заслуживает качественной медицинской помощи независимо от финансового положения его или ее семьи.

«Журнал Помощи» зарегистрирован в США как некоммерческая организация, подпадающая под действие статьи 501(c) налогового законодательства. Сотрудники Журнала работают безвозмездно, поэтому все собранные деньги идут на помощь нашим пациентам. Для граждан США пожертвования не облагаются налогами.

Спасибо за вашу поддержку!

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Alesha Korenev, 26 years old. Russia, Novosibirsk

May. 6th, 2009 | 10:54 am
posted by: mama_duke in help_journal

In 1982 Alesha Korenev  was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of two months. His illness is complicated with severe lung function impairment due to chronic staphylococcal infection.  In 2006 Alesha was under the treatment at Moscow Institute of Pulmonology where he received the following doctor’s conclusion regarding his condition:

“Mixed pulmonary intestinal form of cystic fibrosis, secondary bronchiectasia, lung emphysema, diffuse pneumosclerosis, chronic pulmonary heart, decompensation. Chronic pancreatic insufficiency. Hepatomegaly. Chronic cholecystitis, in remission”

He was given a lot of recommendations – combined antibacterial therapy, enzyme therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy, mucolytics, medications for his liver, vitamins, respiratory therapy, oxygen therapy and so on.

It was three years ago. Today the situation is absolutely critical. Alesha’s health declined greatly, he suffers from shortness of breath.  He needs to be hospitalized, but in Novosibirsk, where Alesha lives, there are  no cystic fibrosis’ specialists. If Alesha goes to the hospital there, he will be put on the artificial lungs ventilation which means a soon and inevitable  death for him. Doctors from Moscow recommend Alesha to buy VENTImotion, the ventilator for broad application in cases of respiratory pump insufficiency or other acute respiratory failure. See: http://www.weinmann.de/en/home_homecare/home_mechanical_ventilation0/ventimotion/ 

The current price of this device is 6250 Euro. Doctors believe that VENTImotion will not only help Alesha to breath, but will also prolong his life. He deserves it! He is a very strong, intelligent and brave young man.  Please, help Alesha!

For those in the United States and Europe:
You can make a donation for Alesha through Help Journal, non-profit charitable organization in the United States. All your donations are tax-exempt if you're a tax-payer in the United States

Or send by check:

The Help Journal
C/O Marianna Vaidman Stone
10 Waterside Plaza
Apt #35D
NY, NY, 10010

In Russia:

Koreneva Galina

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Nikita Polishuk, 15 years old. Ukraine, Kiev

Mar. 21st, 2009 | 02:11 am
posted by: anna_egorova in help_journal

This is Nikita from Kiev. Nikita suffers from cystic fibrosis. He has been a patient of the Kiev Children’s Hospital since February 28, 2009. Nikita is in desperate need for treatment – he needs antibiotics, enzymes, nutrition. Unfortunately, the hospital doesn’t have even the most basic medications for treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited condition which affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat, saliva and digestive juices. Normally, these secretions are thin and slippery, but in patients suffering from CF they are thick and sticky, causing the plugging of tubes, ducts and passageways, especially in lungs and pancreas. Mucus buildup in lungs causes inflammation and life-threatening infections. Thick mucus in the pancreas blocks enzymes responsible for digesting fats and proteins and prevents body from absorbing key nutrients.

In Nikita’s case, due to the lack of basic medical care, the disease has advanced to the extent that he has multiple life-threatening complications. He requires continuous oxygen treatment. He weighs only 15 kg. He suffers from bacterial and fungal lung infections. Cronic lung infection has resulted in cor pulmonale, enlargement of the right ventricle of the heart which can eventually lead to heart failure.

Nikita is dying due to the lack of basic medications. Please, help him! We need to do all in our power to alleviate his suffering and give him a chance at life.
Below is a list on medications that Nikita needs now.

Levofloxacin (antibiotic) – 200 mL twice a day – 84 bottles for 21 days.
Vancomycin (antibiotic) – 250 mL 4 times daily, total of 21 bottles 1g each for 21 days.
Tienam (antibiotic) – 200 mL 4 times daily, total of 42 bottles 500 mL each for 21 days.
Riboxin (heart medication) – 20 mg/mL daily, 2 packages for 21 days.
Lazix (diuretic) – 1 mL twice daily, 2 packages for 21 days.
Cocarboxylase (enzyme) – 0.05 g daily, 2 packages for 21 days.
Orungal (antifunginal) – 200 mg twice daily, 6 packages for 21 days.
Saline solution - 63 packages fro 21 days.
IV lines – 3 per day, 63 for 21 days.
Nutritional supplement Clinutren, 400 g per day. Price – 70 hrn per package.

Approximate total for medications and nutritional supplements for 10 days: 15690 hrn, or ~ $ 2000.00 USD.

Nikita is raised by a single mother who is always by his side. His aunt, Elena N. Sabaldir is raising the money for medications. They can be reached at +38 067 722 29 83 (Anna Polischuk, Nikita’s mother) or +38 068 197 14 60 (Elena, his aunt).
Julia Kisil is a volunteer helping Nikita’s family. She can be reached at +38 066 785 32 70 or by ICQ (217 907 933). She keeps close contact with Nikita’s family and will keep track of the purchases made with the donations.

For those who live in Ukraine: If you can purchase medications and bring it directly to the hospital, that would be the best. Please, contact Julia or Nikita’s family and find out what are the most urgent needs.

For those in the United States and Europe:
You can make a donation for Nikita through Help Journal, non-profit charitable organization in the United States. All your donations are tax-exempt if you're a tax-payer in the United States

Or send by check:

The Help Journal
C/O Marianna Vaidman Stone
10 Waterside Plaza
Apt #35D
NY, NY, 10010

Update, March 19:

We are very grateful to all of you who have been helping Nikita.
He started receiving medications, and we are hopeful that we will raise enough money for the full course of treatment for the boy.
Some of you asked about Nikita’s prognosis. Unfortunately, his disease is very advanced and the outlook is not optimistic. But there is always a chance. Volunteers who visited Nikita yesterday said he is feeling better. He even had some soup.

Russian doctors specializing in cystic fibrosis think that Nikita needs consultations by pediatric pulmonologists who know European protocols for treating children with cystic fibrosis. Also, since he's so cachectic, he needs to be observed by pediatric intensive care specialists. We're finding on either finding those doctors in Kiev or transferring Nikita to a clinic abroad if he stabilizes.

Thank you all very much for helping Nikita!

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Nazar Kinash -- life for 600,000 rubles

Feb. 1st, 2008 | 12:37 am
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

Nazar Kinash celebrated his second birthday on December, 2. He is a tiny, round-faced, absolutely helpless child. Nazar can’t look at the world around him, can’t rise his head – it is constantly falling down on his shoulder. Bold crown of the head, long scar across the nate… Nazar reaches out for his mother. The mother – almost a girl, she married and give birth just after graduation form a pedagogical college. Was extremely happy. Until Nazar was diagnosed cancer. And now she – a girl mother – is to decide.

Little Nazar can’t say or do anything, he just lies in his bed and whimpers. The mother sits over him and states – if we don’t success in raising money for the treatment, we’ll return home, God willing. “God willing” – when the child has tumor, the doctors offer treatment, the treatment costs money. And there are two ways out – to raise that money altogether or to send him home hoping for supreme help – that means to send to death.

Nazar and his mother Olya live in Lvov region, Zolotchev town. They eat porridge in the morning, walk in the afternoon, watch cartoons. The mother reads books and gives toys to her son. Nazar never plays any toys. He just rock son his wooden horse. And digs in sandbox. It was Indian summer, Nazar was sitting in the sandbox with other children, mother was sunning herself and watching her son. Suddenly she saw that he was having bad nausea and noticed his swollen eye. In the policlinic they were sent to the dentist because of stomatitis. The dentist argued that it was a food poisoning. Parents waited the poisoning to be over soon. But then is turned out – the boy suffered not from a poisoning. Not from stomatitis. He had a medulloblastoma, brain cancerous tumor.

In Lvov they didn’t give any chances. But they can treat such diseases in Moscow. But the Ukrainians, unlike Russian citizens, have to pay for that. Nazar doesn’t care about his nationality – be he Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese – he just wants to recover. But he had to come to Russia because it was possible only there.
Nazar was operated in the first children neurooncological department of Burdenko Institute. The tumor was extracted only partially – it was interconnected with the brain. The operation lasted for 12 hours. The doctors said they hadn’t seen such a difficult case for 20 years. To remove the remains of the tumor chemo- and radiotherapy are required. They were started in oncological centre at Kashirskaya street.

The volunteers raised money, Nazar was accepted to the oncological centre and the treatment began. 4 courses of chemotherapy were completed within 3 months with very good results. It means they must continue. But the money has run out. Volunteers’ money, mother’s and her relatives’ and friends’ money. Nazar Kinash urgently needs 600,000 rubles. Its a serious sum. But comprehensible – cancer is an extremely complicated disease, the treatment is really sophisticated. Another thing is difficult to explain – what to do if Nazar’s mother doesn’t work, his father earns very little as a laborer at a building, they can’t get more money. Mother Olya says that if the money is not raised, she will take her son home and rely on God’s mercy, what else can be done.

Nazar's photo: http://community.livejournal.com/nastenka_fund/436111.html

So, the goal is 600,000 rubles // approx. 24,563 USD // approx. 16,533 EURO
The deadline is 1 month.

P.S. According to report of 31/01, the following sum was raised:
48,091.43 rubles // approx. 1,968 USD // approx. 1,325 EURO
If the donations proceed like this, the money will be raised within a month, or …not. So we really need your help.

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Anna Arutiunian

Feb. 14th, 2007 | 01:23 pm
posted by: letiat_utki in help_journal

Anna Arutiunian (http://community.livejournal.com/nastenka_fund/391909.html) needs your help. Anna is 16 and in July 2006 she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. She is in Charite Clinic in Germany now undergoing the second stage of treatment after doctors in Russia assessed that the German colleagues have better chances than them in this case. The treatment is very complicated. The hospital bill amounted so far to Euro 73,140 and the family managed to raise 16,500. Family resources are exhausted by now and it is only Russian Nastenka Fund and its US affiliate – The Help Journal Fund who try to support Anna now.

Your help will be so much appreciated.

To make a donation, please write checks to The Help Journal name and send them to

The Help Journal
C/O Marianna Vaidman Stone
10 Waterside Plaza
Apt #35D
NY, NY, 10010

The Help Journal Fund is a US officially registered charitable fund. All donations qualify for tax deductions. For Russian affiliates site "Nastenka Fund", refer to http://community.livejournal.com/nastenka_fund/profile. All donations made to The Help Journal are channelled directly to the children supported by the Fund (currently 58 kids).

Thank you and we will keep you posted on how Anna is doing.

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Serezha Kitik

Nov. 17th, 2006 | 05:02 pm
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

Serezha Kitik is 16 but he looks like a twelve-years-old. Within recent 4 years he have had three operations to extract craniopharyngioma – the tumor that can kill him. Now he needs one more operation and radiation treatment but the boy’s family has no money.

Serezha’s family is from Moldova. Serezha’s elder brother is 17, he studies in a road-transport technical school. Their mother Lilya used to be a nurse in a polyclinic, but she had to leave work because of Serezha’s illness and hasn’t been working for four years. Every half a year she comes to Moscow with Serezha for treatment.

To gain an opportunity to take his son to Moscow for free his father also left work and found a job of a railroad conductor on Kishinev – Moscow route. His salary is just 100 $ and the family survives only with the help of grandparents who send them food from the countryside.

Scores of times the family came to Moscow having raised money from all the relatives because Moldova citizens must pay for treatment in Russia. Tree times Serezha was operated in Burdenko Institute.
Now it is necessary to extract and radiate the tumor to finally overcome it. Burdenko Institute gave them a huge discount, but the family hasn’t got the required sum anyway – 60 000 rubles for the operation and not less than 180 000 for radiation treatment.

All relatives’ resources are exhausted. Serezha’s parentshave nobody to ask help from. They won’t be able to earn this money – there are such high-paid jobs in Moldova.

“We are fighting for Serezha’s life all together”, - tells Lilya, Serezha’s mother. – “he had been on a home study for a year and now he goes to school. It’s very difficult for him to do well, but he tries had. He doesn’t now yet what he wants to be, the main goal is to recover. Before the illness the was an excellent student, went in for sport seriously, swam”.

Now Serezha can’t be an excellent pupil. Everything has become difficult: the bones are destroying, he even can’t walk for a long time. Osteoporosis and pancreatic diabetes have been caused by the tumor. Serezha has gained a lot of weight and it makes him really upset. But his friends support him very much: they call and write him and help to forget about the disease.

“When Serezha learned that he had relapse again, he cried that he didn’t want to stay alive anymore”,- says Serezha’s mother. – “And then he suddenly got calm and decided to write a letter to Putin. Serezha told that the tumor had just begun to grow. The doctors thought it could be extracted and then radiated. And it wouldn’t grow anymore. He wrote, that he had been operated thrice; his parents had no money and asked if Russia could help him? The letter was sent by e-mail but we haven’t got any answer yet…”

The above text was posted in nastenka_fund on November, 6th. On November, 8th (payment deadline for the operation) there came another post: 60 000 were raised! But now Serezha needs 180 000 rubles more. Please, let’s help him! It’s the last chance for the Kitik family.

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Angelina Ten

Nov. 15th, 2006 | 01:28 pm
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

Once upon a time there lived a girl. In an autumn morning, October 9th, Angelina went to school as usual. That day changed her and her parents’ life, hopefully, not for ever.

On a lesson Angelina suddenly felt terrible headache. The girl fainted. “As if something blasted in my head, then nausea and cramps began”, - said Angelina coming to her senses. In a few minutes she was in coma.

After computer tomography doctors said that the girl had brain aneurism rupture with most dangerous localization, that they saw such case in Uzbekistan for the first time. They were surprised that Angelina survived. Actually it was brain hemorrhage (cerebral stroke) in the area of essential respiratory and palpitation centers. It was even more dangerous than an ordinary stroke, delayed-action bomb, as they called it in Burdenko hospital.

The girl lost eyesight because of optic nerve palsy. Doctors say that it will recover if the operation is performed quickly. But there is not appropriate equipment and experience in such operations in Uzbekistan. And the main problem – dangerous location of aneurism (haematoma). If the rupture repeats, the girl will die. Even fluctuations of blood pressure may lead to hemorrhage.

Angelina courageously withstood 3 weeks of reanimation and now she needs urgent and expensive operation. The girl’s parents have exhausted their finances recently. They hope to spent their last borrowed money on tickets. Angelina and her parents will fly by plane with a resuscitation expert.

The operation, materials and rehabilitation period will cost not less than $ 15 000. Let’s help Angelina. It is really her last chance to survive.

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Marina Novoseltseva

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 02:55 pm
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

Marina is 4 years old. When she pretends to be serious, she frowns her little nose and puffs. When she glances at her face in the mirror she begins to laugh in such a catching manner that noone can help smiling in reply. Marina becomes satisfied, embraces her mother’s neck and whispers quietly:
- Mummy, dear, when are we going home, to Yekaterinburg?

Now Marina is in Israel, “Rambam” hospital in Haifa. She is seriously ill: acute leukemia. In Russia doctors generally don’t begin treatment in such cases. The Israeli gave her a chance.

At the end of March bone marrow transplantation was performed. As one person we raised money - 120$. Tried to be in time, while the girl was in remission. Made up the papers urgently, resent medical documents, made arrangements with the embassy and ambulance. Then it turned out that her mother couldn’t be the donor. We were searching for the donor desperately being afraid of exacerbation. And we had time. Marina was operated. The tests were ok – twice. Everybody was happy, all the disasters were left behind and the girl was going home in September.

But then the war broke out in Israel. There were bombardments in Haifa. Marina was very scared: she was constantly crying, embraced her mother and urged to go back home. And the disease returned because of shock. Doctors say that it’s possible if the shock is very strong. And, alas, we have to start from point one.

It’s necessary to look for the donor again. But the search will become only when there is the complete sum for the future operation – 125 000 $. At the moment they will try to treat Marina without operation.

“If somebody can help to save Marina’s life, we’ll be truly grateful. For any sum. Ten roubles, twelve… We will remember everybody with equal gratefulness”, - writes Svetlana, Marina’s mother on her home page (and her documents can be found here).

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Vladik Kuzmin - really good news

Aug. 30th, 2006 | 03:25 pm
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

August, 20th : The entry visa was received (thanks to everyone who helped with simplification of the procedure).
The tickets were bought (thanks to everyone who helped to decrease the prices fantastically).
Vladic with his mother left for Frankfurt. A new “German” stage of recovery began. We were sure that it would end successfully.

August, 21st: Vladic was taken to the Children Surgery Department of the University Hospital of Tubingen.
Some photos can be seen here: http://photofile.ru/users/rodham/2043748/

August, 22nd: Vladik was operated, the doctors managed to extract the whole tumor and save the kidney. A day later he recovered from anesthesia. His prognosis was favorable.
Katya, the girl who offered her hospitality to Vladik’s mother, downloaded audio-books with fairy tales for the boy, so that he could listen to them while staying in bed.

August, 26th: Vladic was transferred from reanimation unit to an ordinary ward. Now he feels well. Everybody is amazed with his patience and inner strength.

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Kanan has passed away...

Aug. 23rd, 2006 | 06:06 pm
posted by: tanush_ka in help_journal

Our Kanan Mirzoev passed away on August, 8th in Hadassah hospital, Israel. The death was caused by an extensive cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral death with cardiovascular collapse.

Kanan had been receiving treatment in Russian State Children Hospital for more than two years. When Kanan got to Moscow from Azerbaijan he was in a very poor condition: he had pneumonia and fungous sepsis on background of acute aplastic anemia and suppressed immunity. The situation seemed hopeless, but Kanan overcame it. Maybe it was a miracle. But since then the treatment had been failing to help the boy.

Kanan's parents, as foreign citizens, had to pay for each day they stayed in the hospital and for all the medicines. In October 2004 we announced the first whip-round. Since then tens or even hundreds of people helped Kanan’s family with hospital payments and food, wrote letters to Kanan, visited the boy. At the hospital Kanan learned to speak Russian and play chess. Owing to volunteers he had been to theatre for several times and even taken part in an international photographic competition. But he had never left the hospital for home.

Finally, the doctors decided to perform a bone marrow transplantation. It was to be done in Israel, because a compatible donor wasn’t found and the only way out was a very risky transplantation from his mother with preliminary radiation treatment of the whole body.

The money was being raised almost for half a year – 120 000$ - a huge sum itself plus debt to the hospital which was proliferating. Finally, the main part of the sum was donated by the President of Azerbaijan. But too much time was spent on paying the debt to the hospital, and money raising lasted too long. Kanan was getting worse and worse, and the risk of mortally dangerous hemorrhage was increasing. He had already survived a cerebral hemorrhage.

Once Kanan said that he wanted to grow up and become the president of his native country. Before leaving for Israel Kanan asked, if there were kind, good people in Israel. He said that he wanted all the people everywhere to be happy.

Everybody hoped desperately that Kanan would overcome the disease. But it didn’t happen. Kanan died of cerebral hemorrhage waiting for the key stage of treatment, in spite of the doctors’ efforts, after the most complicated neurosurgical operation and two days in resuscitation unit.

We were late.

Father Balakishi and mother Reihan will take their son Kanan to his motherland, in Sumgait.
We all loved Kanan very much, a kind boy who wanted everybody to be happy. Please, forgive us, Kanan. Rest in peace.

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